My Days as a Waiter in United States

by RajendraWijesinghe

I had been serving as a waiter at an Adult and Assisted Living Care home, which was facilitated under AH/ALP. There were around three hundred residents. Almost all of them were adults except very few though a lower number came under assisted living.

The utmost facilitation of these types of models is the forum for a particular age group, where the individual opinion and interaction bear some sort of a similarity, which creates an active and compromising atmosphere for them. Apart pre-designed institutional programs, celebrative events and tours are the recreations. Food, Lodging and Medical Coordination could be categorized as basic offerings. When I recall my memory while being with my father, I asked myself whether the above provisions alone could satisfy the aged.

The most pathetic scenario that I encounter was the lack of concern of the immediate family members towards this aged group. Majority of them to an average of 70% has not been visited by relatives or friends out of whom the worst is the cadre with Asian origin. Most of them never turned up after locating their father or mother at this place. Believe me; I am with the same origin.

Trust me, fathers and mothers, who are anxiously waiting in the lobby on the day dedicated to the elderly (Either Father’s Day or Mother‘s Day) are with tears as the day passes by due to the fact that their loved ones never visit them making the days of themselves most horrible.

There are residents, who spend their whole day lobbying at the reception waiting for a call, which never came.

I noticed certain characters are on frequent look for mails, which bear similar fate as of above.

Similar to above I recall an incident of a resident, who used to stay at the table after the meal till I finish my cleaning and even helping me to clean the table, where he used to sit. Once he happened to scold at me for no reason. I was really annoyed and tried to avoid him leaving his table last to be cleaned on that particular day. Subsequently, I noticed tears on his eyes, which prompted me to step unto him and apologize.  In return, he apologized to me with the revelation that he was rude to me because he was imbalanced due to not receiving the call, which he had been expecting for over a week.

Some informs the reception that they are outing with their loved ones and just waits a considerable period of time at the bus halt and returns back.

Very few, who do not represent a percentage but a number enjoys weekends with their loved ones.

Despite all above as well as un-discussed many, the residents never put the blame to their sons and daughters, obviously due to their love and affectionate towards the children despite being neglected.

If I am to continue my experience with the category in concentration together with my interaction with smaller groups as well as my participation of their interactive forum, this summarized illustration will definitely lead into number of pages.