Gradual fading away of textile industry?

by admin

The small scale garment enterprises that are more popular among the majority of women in Attidiya is facing many distressing challenges. The collapse of many small scale garment industries in the area has ultimately resulted in losing their main source of income as well as the gradual decline of the apparel industry. Now it has come to a situation where many of these women who are engaged in the textile industry do other alternative jobs to make their ends meet. Active female members from Social Transformative Action Network for Development, Colombo who was trained under the Vibrant Voices Program, a capacity building program for women’s organizations on mobile storytelling and digital advocacy which was implemented by #SDJF in collaboration with #IREX with the support of #USAID want the relevant authorities to protect these small scale textile industries from collapsing since it is an area where small scale female tailors can support towards economic prosperity of Sri Lanka while making a living.