An audacity of hope!

by admin

Ten years after the civil war, the plight of war widows is still a critical problem since it is linked to the sensitive issue of those still missing. People are still searching for loved ones who disappeared during the conflict. Various commissions have been set up over the years to address the issue of the missing but many people are sceptical about them. Out of the missing persons from the conflict, nearly 40 000 women still suffer without any proper information about their lost husband or son. Lack of sufficient resources and financial support is a problem faced by many self employed women in the East. Diligent female members of Eastern Social Development Forum, Batticaloa who was trained under the Vibrant Voices Program, a capacity building program for women’s organizations on mobile storytelling and digital advocacy which was implemented by #SDJF in collaboration with #IREX with the support of #USAID want the authorities to look into this matter and do the justice to the community.