The Plighted Village | அவதிப்படும் கிராமம்

by Hasarel Gallage

Kuttiyapulam in Thellipalai, Jaffna is a resettlement village that is home to more than 400 families. Their daily has become a struggle due to the main road that runs through the city being in a very bad condition. For years the residents of this remote village have reached the responsible authorities but the road is yet to be renovated. The school children, patients and the elderly face many difficulties due to the bad condition of the road especially during the rainy season when the road is flooded.

Pathmanadan Sharanraj, a young mobile storyteller trained under the "Mobile Storytelling" program launched by SDJF in collaboration with iVoice and Neelan Thiruchelvam Trust (NTT) wants the authorities to look into this matter and do the justice to the community.