National Child Day Care Center Policy for Sri Lanka

by Ajith

Sri Lanka Ministry of Women and Child Affairs has appointed a technical committee to draft a Child Day Care Centre Policy. 

Ministry sources said that the committee is now identifying the existing policies in relation to child care in local and international settings. 

Public views would also be obtained prior to draft this policy, Ministry sources said. 

Sri Lanka's history of Child Day Care Centres starts in the colonial period. Child care facilities were provided free of charge to the female plantation workers to encourage them to engage in work in the plantations. 

Child day care facilities are highly important today because of the need for bringing in more women to the labour force. According to the Labour Force Suryey 2015 of Department of Census and Statistics only 38.5% of the women over 20 years of age are in the labour force. 

However, 24.2% of the families of Sri Lanka are women headed. 

Women's engagement in labour force is considered paramount important in terms of development.