My beloved lady

by Shree

It's all in the Sun of her Smile, the Sparkling in her Eyes. Yeah She is Strong, Bold & Unabashed. On this Lovely Women's Day, I’ve a Rhyme on women quality... Yeah,,

Persistence is the ornament She must wear,
Forbearance is the weapon She’d bear,
Genteel is the word She’d hear,
Submissiveness is the important deal with her Beloved.

Well, I’d say She has the Greatest Power.. Ie To forgive & TO Love again. You May argue that she’s good Memory & will keep even the silly things in her mind forever. Yeah I agree, but that does not Pause her from loving you. She might remind you about the past incidents, but that is how she loves you after all she has forgiven you. Don't you remember your mother forgiving you with a sweet kiss when you indulge in naughty deeds?? Doesn't that cute forgiveness from your little daughter makes your realize life better??

Yeah, if You deem about it, "To forgive" is the Greatest Power a Woman is blessed with.. If She’d not have that power, this World would have been a bitter place to live..!

Despite the Fact that a Woman has Such a great Potential, Who is the one,, Who is responsible for all the Misery faced by Women in the name of hatred for Girl Child, Female Infanticide, Harassment for dowry, Looking down at Women who cannot conceive and all the Contemptible social Evils aimed against woman?? It is none other than a woman herself!

Women keep fighting and arguing to give them rights.. As a woman, we’d be aware of our own strengths and make use of it to create a positive environment for ourselves and for other women. Take pride in being a woman. Look at other women with the same pride..Yeah Just Like Live and let live!!

We Keep Using the words Gender Equality, Women Empowerment & Reservation Bills, but in practicality we hardly find these in the Society.. We feel proud of our rich culture where women occupies a high place and used to get her due respect which gradually faded in the course of time and presently Atrocities against Women are on the increase.. It would be really nice if our people try to revive this rich culture of ours and strive to make the society a safer place for women.

Women’s Day is living life with self-respect and with honor. This is not a reward but a matter of right to women. This will always keep tormenting the minds of women. . We will have to work every day for the education and security of girls. Education is vital the most in this context.

The day will be the Women Empowerment Day on which celebrating the Women’s Day will be stopped altogether. Let us all hope and await to wake up in the dawn of a new World, where the society renders true respect and equality to women from which she has been deprived of all these years!!

From Beauty to Power, a woman has got it all. Engaging so many Parts, she certainly is one of a kind.. Let us salute the Woman who is Loving, Beautiful, Caring, Intelligent & Brave; the Woman who is Strength, Knowledge & Prosperity.. Let us salute the unique woman..!

Yeah Last but Not the Least, A Woman is Nothing but Nature Personified