Moving bridge | நகரும் பாலம்

by Hasarel Gallage

The remote villages of Shafinagar and Vethaththeevu in Muthur remain like pieces of a puzzle separated by a river with no permanent means to cross. There is only a poorly made ferry which is already damaged, to cross this large body of water. Due to the poor condition of the ferry it can only take a handful of people and light weight bicycles and motor bikes back and forth these two villages. That too is not functioning in the dry season due to lack of water. School children and ordinary villagers alike face numerous difficulties without a proper, permanent and safe bride to cross the river. The residents of Shafinagar and Vethaththeevu are urging the responsible authorities to answer their plea for a safe mode of transportation and ensure their right to movement.

Mohammed Raseem, a young mobile storyteller trained under the "Mobile Storytelling" program launched by SDJF in collaboration with iVoice and Neelan Thiruchelvam Trust (NTT) wants the authorities to look into this matter and do the justice to the community.