Media for Gender Justice: Insights from Gender Experts #6 Visakha Dharmadasa

by Hasarel Gallage

Visakha Dharmadasa, Chair, Association of War Affected Women brings her insights into this week's discussion. She reiterates the issue of using women as a marketing tool by media in Sri Lanka. She believes that it is the duty of the media to direct the entire society to the right path and ensure that people adhere to the best practices and ethics. As a powerful tool which can shape the general opinion of the public it is vital for media to be knowledgeable and sensitive of what they report.

Especially as a country emerging after a 30 decades of war, she notes that there is a conspicuous absence of knowledge and expertise in media about post-war realities. "There is no thought provoking and insightful discussions happening in Sri Lankan media which hinders the improvement of perception of the public and further decelerates the development of our country", notes Mrs. Dharmadasa.