Media for Gender Justice: Insights from Gender Experts #4 Activist Bhoomi Harendran

by Hasarel Gallage

This week we bring the insights from Bhoomi Harendran a leading advocate and activist of gender and human rights, in the video serious on gender and media. Bhoomi raises the concern of Sri Lanka media complying to gender stereotypes and using women as a mere tool for marketing. But she believes that the LGBT community faces even more discrimination by media. "Sri Lankan media seem to hide the truth behind the LGBT community because they still consider it as a taboo. As a result, LGBT issues are often portrayed in an unethical manner without being factual and unbiased", says Bhoomi.

She believes that the lack of a binding policy or a set of guidelines among the media institutions as well as the lack of awareness of how such sensitive issues should be portrayed are the reasons behind inappropriate portrayal of gender in media.