Media for Gender Justice: Insights from Experts

by Hasarel Gallage

In a society which has shrunk into a small space in the globe, thanks to ‘globalization’, the ‘media’ has assumed a broadly defined and yet a critical role, to investigate and disseminate useful information to its audience. In this backdrop it becomes timely to review the role of media in Sri Lanka, especially with regard to the portrayal of gender, because it is generally accepted that our media often follow conventional gender norms that are deep-rooted within communities of Sri Lanka.

As a part of a series of interviews, Emeritus Professor Kamala Liyanage from University of Peradeniya speaks on her experience of Sri Lankan media, having the least representation of women in political programs as well as women being commodities. Although ethics are not legally binding, she is hopeful that ethics created today will one day be legally recognized to ensure that Sri Lankan media are sensitive to gender dynamics.