Forbidden Letters | கல்வியை இழக்கும் சிறுவர்கள்

by Hasarel Gallage

When the world at large is striving to achieve the SDG of quality education, Santhanavettai in Muthur, Trincomalee remains a far cry. As a rural village with people living in abject poverty, children in Santhanavettai are increasingly dropping out of schooling as soon as they complete their primary education to take up the burden of earning a living or to take care of their younger siblings in the absence of parents who migrate for foreign employment. With the nearest secondary school miles away and without a regular transport service to reach there, these children are obliged to sacrifice their desire for education as well as a better future.

Ahallya David, a young mobile storyteller trained under the "Mobile Storytelling" program launched by SDJF in collaboration with iVoice and Neelan Thiruchelvam Trust (NTT) wants the authorities to look into this matter and to do justice to these children, the wealth of Santhanavettai.