Effect of unwanted pregnancy on social behavior of an individual

by SupuniKaluarachchi

Effect of Unwanted pregnancy on Social behavior of an individual.

Many women in this world are intend to get pregnant. Estimated 123 million are succeeded. But, 87 million of those pregnancies are not intended. For some this is a pleasant surprise while the others really don't want it. So, of 211 million pregnancies 46 million are end in abortion.

If many women in the world are intend to get pregnant and as well if it takes place such a huge number of abortions, there is problem somewhere. So, first of all we have to identify what “An unwanted pregnancy" is?

  • ".. Unwanted pregnancy is a measure of contraceptive failure either method failure, motivation failure or contraceptive inaccessibility. Unwanted pregnancies are end in criminal abortion, therapeutic abortion, forced marriage or illegitimate birth...” (http://nebi.nih.gov)
  • "Unwanted or unintended pregnancies that are mistimed, unplanned or unwanted at the time of conception. Unintended pregnancies may also result from rape of incest...” (http://wikipedia.com)

According to the two definitions mentioned above the best method to avoid unintended pregnancy is the contraception. There has been a 1% annual increase in contraceptive prevalence over the last ten years. All over the world.

Unwanted and UN intended pregnancies thing to unmet need for contraception or unwanted sex. It is estimated that up to 100,000 maternal deaths could be avoided each year if women who did not want used effective contraception. Because, it is also an evidence to suggest that effective contraception can contribute to better maternal health.

The dark side of this issue is that, most of unwanted or unintended pregnancies comes along in cooperation with violence. Young women who are forced to have sex, even with their partners sometimes they are forced. They are in a huge risk of unintended pregnancy. The large age difference between between young women and their partners usually causes this condition. No the other party who are directly faced in this condition are the adolescents. Between 7% to 48% of adolescents girls report that their first sexual experience is was forced. In such an occasion they face the inaccessebility to the contraceptive methods. So it may lead to an unwanted pregnancy. Also the women who are coerced in to sex who face abuse from partners are in a measurable risk of unintended pregnancy.

Of 46 million pregnancies in a year over the world 60% are under safe condition. In the view of Public Health care a safe abortion performed by a trained health care providers, with safe technique and equipment’s carries little or no risk at all. The mortality rate of such a process is 1 per 100 000.Is same as normal maternal mortality rate even under the best circumstances.

 However 18 million of abortions worldwide are performed by lack experienced and lack skilled person under unsuitable facilities. This has led the increment of mortality rate. Because of that 43 million unsafe abortions are taking place every year 1000 women. Two third of unsafe abortions are taking place within young women between 15 to 30 years. Around 2.5 million almost 14% of all unsafe abortions in developing countries are among women under 20 years of age.

The risk of dying from unsafe abortions is around 350* 100 000. 68, 000 of women die in every year because of this.

Not only the social factor these unsafe pregnancies and unsafe abortions are affected on the economy of a country too. The daily cost of a patient hospitalized as a result of unsafe abortion can be more than 2500 times the daily per capita health budget of any country.

When considering Sri Lanka all the above mentioned facts are going same in here. Can you believe? The number of abortions take place in this country is 1000 per day. According to the statistic data 60% of them are illegal and unsafe. Though Sri Lanka is considered as a highly ethical country and even though this is a country where abortion is legally prohibited there’s no any change when considering with the world. Women between 15 to 30 are the age group who are looking forward for an unsafe abortion in this country also.

Lack of knowledge about contraceptive methods, the inaccessibility to those and mainly violence and social taboos are identified as the reasons for the unwanted pregnancies. So what we have to do is being engage in abolishing abortion in a practical way.





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