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Students of Jaffna Periyapulam Mahavidyalaya were in a protest today (22) against a Teachers (55) who is known to have involved in abusing five girls in the same schools.

Through the protest, students urged the authorities to take immediate action against the teachers as well as those who were in constant silence against the teacher.

Students noted that school management, including Principal, and some teachers were in silence and ignorance despite there has been a public discussion on this perpetrator.

Police has arrested the culprit a while ago, and is to be produced in the court tomorrow.

During a meeting held at Provincial Education Ministers office, yesterday, between the Education Minister, T. Gurukularajah and Sri Lanka Development Journalists Forum, Minister noted that similar incidences are in the raise, in Jaffna peninsula, and there is an active tolerance for some reasons amongst the principals and teachers from many schools against such sexual disturbances.

He added that the Ministry has been discussing with relevant authorities for an urgent initiative to engage students, parents and educational authorities in promotion of moral wellbeing and non-violence amongst concerned segments.

iVoicer Reporter Kamilesh | www.ivoice.lk